Portraits are my bread and butter. I love capturing the personality and essence of people. Every person is different from the way they dress, to the way they look, to the way they believe, and they are all beautiful. Portraits include professional head shots, senior photos, family sessions, maternity, newborn, fashion and lifestyle. They can be posed in a studio or captured in real life, but they are always so much fun. I enjoy the creativity of working with people because there are so many ways to bring out their spirit and capture that radiance from within.



Oh, weddings. I cannot possibly say enough about weddings. This is one of the most magical experiences a photographer can have. Not only do I get to have an opportunity to go from portrait, to product, to landscape, to event photographer in a single day, but I also get to be a part of a beautiful love story. Being able to share in the joys and celebrations of a new marriage is easily one of the best feelings in the world. Your love story is important and it deserves to be told. It would be my honor to help you tell it.

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Every business needs good quality photos to showcase their unique brand. Whether you have a product, a menu, or a service, your business deserves to be recognized. Commercial photos don’t have to be boring either. Style and creativity are two things that I love to embrace and I’m not afraid to think outside the box.


Story Teller Sessions

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could take more photos of the everyday things that make life special? Those moments that seem mundane, tedious, or repetitive can sometimes be the most extraordinary. When thinking about professional photography, most people don’t envision someone capturing their birth experience or their family baking cookies, but those are some of the most precious memories you can have. That’s where I come in. With a documentary style of photography, I can see another side of these precious moments and help you share these stories with loved ones forever.


Mini Sessions

If you have a laid back family, but still want to have some sweet family photos, these are for you. Mini sessions are a super fun way to get festive, seasonal portraits done. These sessions are quick, easy, and stress-free. There is usually a theme involved and the settings and props are already there for you. So, gather up the family and get ready to receive some adorable photos. 


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