A passion for beauty


As a child, I could always be found with a brush, a pencil, or some other craft supply in my hand. When I got in the zone, I never noticed when thirty minutes turned into three hours. My family always said I had my own little world where I would go when inspiration struck. My imagination allowed me to draw, paint, sculpt, and more. I have always loved creating. Eventually, that passion for creating led me to photography. At fourteen, I received my first DSLR as a Christmas gift from my family. My Nikon D40 was easily my most cherished possession and we became fast friends. I used this camera all throughout my high school days and loved taking photos of everything… literally. I had thousands of photos and shot every day.

When it came time to pick a college, I made the decision to go to an art college and explore photography further. Adulthood came like a tidal wave and knocked me down more than a few times, but I never lost hope. There were fleeting moments when I thought I would never make it as a photographer, but at the end of every day I realized it was the only thing I wanted to do. I had to do it. The beauty of the world and all its inhabitants was waiting for me and I wanted to be the one to capture it. So here I am, twelve years later, living the dream I always wanted to live and growing more every day. Photography brought so much joy to my life, that I wanted to share some of that joy with others. I am Nikki. I am a photographer, an artist, and a creator. I cannot wait to share my passion with you.